To better educate oneself before dropping several thousand dollars on a new set of all-terrain tires, we’ve compiled a list highlighting the pros and cons of five popular tires available for the Jeep JK. Consult this source for information on wet weather ability, sidewall strength, pricing, road noise, performance in snow and outright grip.By Thomas Parry – December 9, 2015

This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

As most JK owners browsing these forums have entertained the idea of taking their Jeep off-road, we’ve decided to compose a list which details five popular tires designed for a bit of fun off the paved road. We understand that these tires will be used, in most cases, on the road as well, so we’ve considered the everyday usability of these models as well as their wet weather performance, effectiveness in snow or mud, price and livability. All this information has been sourced from consumers and enthusiasts to be as objective as possible.

Popular JK All-Terrain Tires

Goodyear DuraTracBFG T/A K02Yokohama GeolandarGeneral Grabber AT2BFG KM2
Wet PerformanceGood wet weather performanceDecent grip in the wetNot good in the mudWorks well in rainFair
Off-Road PerformanceGood in cold weather, snowNot as good in cold weather (though capable), ideal for hotter weatherGood grip in dirt and sandWorks well on gravel, mudWorks decently on rocks on mud
NoiseModerate levels of road noise; reasonably quietQuieter than Goodyear DuraTracFairly quietVery quietModerately quiet

Best Quality: BFG T/A K02

Best Value: BFG KM2

Goodyear DuraTrac

Price – $1,350

Wet Performance – Excellent

Off-Road Performance – Good in cold weather and snow

Noise – Moderate

Mileage – 60,000-75,000 miles

A popular tire, available in 33″ size for the Wrangler, is the Goodyear tires and are excellent for the daily driven Jeep. They offer superior performance in cold, snowy conditions, while providing excellent wear characteristics. Many poster on the forums advise that their lifespan is in excess of 60,000 miles. Recommended for those willing to pay a price premium for an excellent all rounder tire with good street manners.


Price – $1,500

Wet Performance – Decent

Off-Road Performance – Ideal for hot, dry climates

Noise – Quieter than the Goodyear

Mileage – 55,000+

The BFG all-terrain tire has long been the go to tire for Jeepers everywhere. Due to the tread design, the BFG really shine in the sand and dry rock climbing elements typical of places in the Western United States. If you play with your toys in the sandbox, then the BFG is the tire for you. Recommended for those who live in dry, warm climates.

Yokohama Geolandar

Price – $1,200

Wet Performance – Not good in muddy conditions

Off-Road Performance – Good performance in the sand and on dirt trails

Noise – Fairly quiet

Mileage – 30,000+

With one of the least aggressive tread designs in this comparison, the Yokohama is aimed squarely at the Jeep owner who sees mainly on-road miles and wants a more comfortable ride. The tread design also has the benefit of low noise and vibration versus a more rugged tire. That said, the Geolandar still offers all-terrain performance, though it is geared more towards water or sand versus more hardcore rock crawling. Recommended for those who want a comfortable street tire.

General Grabber AT2

Price – $1,350

Wet Performance – Works well in the rain

Off-Road Performance – Good in gravel and mud

Noise – Very quiet

Mileage – 45,000+

The Generals are a tire that are mid-pack in price, but with a unique selling proposition. While the sidewalls are quite stiff, the actual tread block is super softer in composition than the other tires here, which results in a quiet, creamy ride quality. Additionally, the soft compound combined with the specific tread block design makes it very adapt at both channeling rain or snow, as well as being able to easily fling gravel or mud from the tread blocks, resulting in superior performance. Recommended for those who want great performance and a quieter ride.


Price – $1,250

Wet Performance – Fair

Off-Road Performance – Decent on rocks and gravel.=

Noise – Moderate

Mileage – 45,000+

With its more aggressive tread design, it’s no surprise that these BFG tires excel when it’s time for more serious rock crawling. The large tread blocks are good at sticking to the rocky stuff, and easily moving through the muddy stuff. Coming in on the lower end of the price spectrum, they can be forgiven for their noisier driving characteristics. Recommended for those who are willing to trade off a harsher ride for increased off-road capability.

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