Brake pads come with a variety of performance goals for the Jeep Wrangler. Whether you want powerful pads, dust-free, or silent ones, this guide will help you with what you need.By Bassem Girgis – November 17, 2015

This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

The Jeep Wrangler is designed to go through the toughest terrains. With rough driving conditions, you need great brake pads. Aftermarket brake pads offer a variety of things that will add to your brake system. If you’re the type of person that likes completely silent brakes, you can have that with aftermarket pads that offer that, and if performance is what you’re looking for, you can also accomplish that with some aftermarket pads. This guide will help you invest your money in the right brake pads that offer exactly what you’re looking for. Read on to learn about the popular aftermarket brake pads for your Jeep Wrangler.

Brake Pad Reviews

HawkWagnerRaybestosEBC Greenstuff
PerformanceHigh IncreaseBetter Pedal FeelMedium IncreaseHigh Increase
WarrantyLimited Lifetime1 Year30 Days Limited6 Months

Best Quality: Hawk

Best Value: Hawk


Price – $76

Noise – Noise-Free

Dust – Low

Performance – High Increase

Warranty – Limited Lifetime

The Hawk brake pads are specifically designed for larger vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler. The bigger the vehicle, the more heated the brake pads get when they try to stop it. These pads are made specifically to withstand higher temperature produced by larger vehicles, all while remaining noise-free and minimal dust. Not that most Wrangler owners do, but dust can get annoying on the road, so Hawk pads produce much less dust than your OEM that you probably won’t notice any. Of course when you’re off-roading, all bets are off because dust is the least of your worries when it comes to cleaning. Some enthusiasts complained that these pads come without tabs to hold them with the calipers; however, if you’re replacing your pads, then you definitely have tabs from the old ones, which you can reuse. If you search the forums or anywhere else for that matter, Hawk will always come on top, simply because they can give you the performance you need when you’re putting your Jeep to the test, all while staying nice and quiet. Also, when you’re driving to work, you won’t have much dust. Recommended if you’re looking for great, reputable pads with great warranty.


Price – $39+

Noise – Low

Dust – Low

Performance – Better Pedal Feel

Warranty – 1 Year

The Wagner brake pads are designed for quiet braking and no vibration. These pads are engineered with thermal-sensitive properties that changes depending on the environment you’re driving in, which maintains low noise and smooth feel. They are easy to install and they fit right in your calipers with no headaches, as they come with everything you need, including tabs and grease. Some customers complained that the package was missing some hardware, but if you can check the box before you leave the store, you will face no issues. These pads have been known to be quite popular on the road; however, some Wrangler owners claim that they don’t do very well in extreme off-roading condition, as they heat up quicker than the ones made for off the road use. Recommended if you use your Jeep on the road and do easy to moderate off-roading.


Price – $18.29+

Noise – Low

Dust – Low

Performance – Medium Increase

Warranty – 30 Days Limited

Although Raybestos isn’t a very popular brand, it’s quite popular on the Wrangler forum. These pads are manufactured from semi-metallic materials designed specifically to reduce noise, dust, as well as increase the performance and heat resistance. When it comes to the Wrangler, brake pads get replaced much quicker than normal cars, mainly because it’s a heavy car that gets to be driven in rough conditions. These pads are priced very low, but don’t let the cost fool you, they can stop your Jeep in the worst conditions. The great things about these pads is that you don’t feel bad abusing them, because they’re rather cheap to replace. Some owners, however, complained that the low noise story came to an end very quickly, and even though it was noise-free for a while, that ended and it became quite noisy. The hardcore Jeep lovers will tell you that it won’t stop well, but they are talking about using it in the worst off-roading conditions you can think off. For the average off-roader, these will stop well and get you home safe. Recommended if you’re looking for inexpensive pads with good reputation.

EBC Greenstuff

Price – $62+

Noise – Noise-Free

Dust – Low

Performance – High Increase

Warranty – 6 Months

These pads are built to stop quickly. Sudden stop is what they advertise, so if you want to climb up that mountain and stop before you come down the other side, the EBC Greenstuff will help you accomplish that. These are marketed to produce 30% less dust than your stock brake pads, but who cares about dust if you can stop when you want to. They are backed by six months limited warranty; however, people still love these pads, claiming they last a lot longer than a lot of the other competitors. They are very easy to install and come equipped with everything you need to get stopping. Even though it’s advertised to produce less dust, the owners have one thing in common, that is that it produces brake dust after 800 miles or so. They are known to work best with drilled slotted rotors; however, you don’t have to replace your rotors, and they still work great with your stock rotors. Recommended if you’re looking for great stopping power.

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