Most cruise control issues are resolvable. Read on to learn how to resolve common cruise control issues affecting your Jeep Wrangler on your own.By Charlie Gaston – November 17, 2015

This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler (2007-Present).

Do you spend a lot of time behind the wheel? Maybe you spend a considerable amount of travel time on the highway heading to your next off-road destination, miles away from where you live? Well, if that’s the case, then this is definitely the guide for you. Cruise control makes it safe and easy to maintain your speed without the need for any manual acceleration of your vehicle. If you’re experiencing cruise control issues, however, you’ll want to hire a handyman/woman or carry out these simple DIY solutions on your own. Let’s go through the common problems you might face when trying to operate the cruise control function in your 2007 to present Jeep Wrangler.

Materials Needed

  • Replacement fuse
  • Replacement bulb

Step 1 – Check your fuse box

The cruise control fuse might be blown.

If your cruise control fuse is blown, you will need to replace it.

  • The cruise control fuse should be listed as “M37” on your fuse box diagram.
  • Check your fuse box diagram to be sure.
  • Replace the fuse, if it is blown, with a new one.
  • The replacement fuse should not exceed 10 amp.

Figure 1. Replacement fuses are available for as little as $2.

Pro Tip

The fuse box in your Jeep Wrangler comes with a fuse puller. Use this handy, little tool to remove the old fuse and seat the new one.

Step 2 – Check your bulb

It might be blown.

The indicator lights on your dashboard may appear to be malfunctioning, when, in fact, you are actually dealing with a bad bulb.

  • Remove your instrument panel, and then replace the bulb, as needed.
  • You’ll need to remove the cluster retaining screws and disconnect the electrical connectors.
  • The cruise control feature will function properly even if the indicator light is not working.
  • The cost for this repair is around $20.
  • If you visit a local Jeep dealership, you could spend around $100, including diagnostics.

Figure 2. Remove the bad bulb from the bulb socket.

Pro Tip

Before removing your instrument cluster, you might want to run your trouble codes first. This could save you some time, especially if the problem is not a bad bulb.

Step 3 – Engage your steering wheel buttons

They might need reinforcement.

It’s not science, but ask any Jeep Wrangler owner and you’ll hear again and again, sometimes, you simply need to push the cruise control button on your steering wheel repeatedly, as well as give your steering wheel a good whack with your hand.

  • This is a simple tip; however, some Jeep Wrangler owners are shocked to hear it’s a good idea to give their steering wheel a good whack.
  • Don’t worry, simple DIY tips and tricks are, oftentimes, the best antidote to common problems, such as unreliable or finicky steering wheel buttons.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable whacking your steering wheel, or do not receive positive results after doing so, go ahead and drive over to your local Jeep dealership for professional assistance.
  • Heading down to the dealership will be necessary if the problem is a defective cruise control switch, which could become stuck or have a faulty clockspring.
  • If your check engine light comes on, chances are you are dealing with a larger issue.
  • Run your trouble codes or have the dealer do it for you to ensure some other larger issue isn’t affecting the functionality of your cruise control.

Figure 3. Steering wheel buttons can be finicky from time to time.

Pro Tip

Blasting your horn a few times might also help.

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