Are you looking to install a Smittybilt XRC front bumper and HID lights on your Jeep Wrangler? We’ll walk you through the process, plus give you a heads up on any potential problems you might incur along the way.By Brett Foote – November 25, 2015
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This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

Whether you’re chasing functionality or curb appeal, going with an aggressive aftermarket bumper and lighting setup will help your Jeep stick out above the crowd. The Smittybilt bumper is a popular upgrade for off-road enthusiasts for its winch and bull bar friendly design. If that sounds like your type of party, then hop into this how-to and let’s get educated.

Materials Needed

  • 18mm socket
  • 1/2″ ratchet
  • 12″ ratchet drive extension
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Drill
  • 1/2″ drill bit
  • Rubber mallet (optional)

Step 1 – Remove the factory front bumper

Crawl underneath the front bumper and unplug the factory fog lights, if you Jeep is equipped with them. Remove the two plastic screws as shown in Figure 1 and then remove the screws from the air dam support as shown in Figure 2, both with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the four plastic screws from the factory air dam where it attaches to the bottom of the bumper. Use a 1/2″ driver and 18mm socket to unbolt the bumper from the frame. There are four nuts on each side. Pull the bumper off and set aside. Remove the two screws holding the dust cover in place and remove it.

Figure 1. Unplug the factory fog lights and remove the two screws.

Figure 2. Remove the screws from the air dam and its support.

Figure 3. Unbolt the bumper from the frame.

  • Figure 4. Remove the dust cover.

Step 2 – Install Smittybilt bumper

Using a drill and 1/2″ drill bit, drill out the top two of four holes in your factory bumper bracket. These holes can be seen in Figure 5. Three of the four bolts needed for installation come already installed on the bumper, so you simply line it up, add a washer, lock washer and nut, then tighten with your ratchet and 18mm socket. You might need a rubber mallet to aid in getting it in place. Install the fourth bolt with washer, lock washer, and nut. Smittybilt also recommends that you drill out four holes along the bottom of the bumper to match up to the stock bar.

Figure 5. Drill out the top two of the four holes shown.

Figure 6. Install bumper and tighten the three nuts and washers.

Figure 7. Install and tighten the fourth nut and washers.

  • Figure 8. Completed bumper installation.

Step 3 – Install HID lights

While the Smittybilt bumper will accommodate factory fog lights, HID lights can be installed just as easily using the factory wiring harnesses. This saves the trouble of having to install new wiring and switches, which can be a really complicated and time consuming job. Simply splice the wiring from the lights to match up with the power and ground of the factory harness (shown in Figure 10).

Figure 9. Splice fog light wiring, as shown, to match up with the factory wiring harnesses.

Figure 10. Completed installation.

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