Are you looking to install a Rugged Ridge Exo-top on your Jeep Wrangler? This article will walk you through the process to help you complete it quickly and easily.By Brett Foote – November 13, 2015
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This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

The Rugged Ridge Exo-Top is a popular aftermarket accessory for the Jeep Wrangler, as it allows owners to have the utility of a roof rack while also retaining the ability to lower, raise, or remove a soft top without removing the rack or even unload gear from it. The rack also allows owners to slide the top back by releasing two latches, which can be completed without leaving the driver’s seat. The rack is a direct bolt-on as well, requiring no drilling or crazy modifications to install. If you crave added utility and storage space in your Wrangler but don’t want to lose the ability to enjoy the open air, the Exo-Top could be a great addition to your Wrangler.

Materials Needed

  • Rugged Ridge Exo-Top kit
  • Ratchet and assorted sockets
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Sealant

Step 1 – Assemble cage and prepare for installation

Unbox and lay out the top somewhere where it can heat up in the sun. This will make it easier to install later on. Apply some sealant, such as black Permatex to the cage joints. Assemble the cage in your driveway or yard where you have room to move. Having a friend to help at this point makes it much easier to complete. Wipe down any excess sealant coming from the joints. Install the cage bolts. Remove the factory soft top.

Figure 1. Lay out the top and apply a sealant to the cage joints.

Figure 2. Assemble the cage.

Figure 3. Install the cage bolts.

  • Figure 4. Remove the factory soft top.

Step 2 – Install the cage

Recruit some friends to help you lift the cage and place it on the Jeep. Align the rear of the cage so that its brackets can be bolted into the tub using the included hardware. Use the angled nut plate to attach the cage above the B-pillar on each side. Attach the rear upper and lower support surrounds, followed by the front and rear surrounds. Install the front and rear bow hardware.

Figure 5. Set the cage on top of the vehicle.

Figure 6. Attach the rear brackets.

Figure 7. Install the angled nut plates.

  • Figure 8. Install the surround supports.

Mark and cut the roll bar padding, so that the bow assembly will fit. Install the rear bow assembly, followed by the front bow assembly. Assemble the sliders and install them on the roll bar. Remove the soft top from the factory header and install on provided header. Slide the assembly onto the carriage. With the help of a friend, install the top.

Figure 9. Cut the roll bar padding to fit the new components.

Figure 10. Install the front and rear bow assemblies.

  • Figure 11. The final product.

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