Poor gas mileage is synonymous with the JK. So instead of pouring money into your gas tank, use these tips to help increase your overall MPG.By Neftali Medina – November 25, 2015
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This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-present).

The truth is, gas mileage depends on a variety of simple factors, most of which relate to how you drive. Cars with poorer average MPGs are often due to the driver having a heavy foot, idling for extended periods of time or poorly maintaining the tires. Each factor plays a crucial role in how much fuel is used in order to propel the vehicle. This is good because it means you can easily improve the gas mileage on your Jeep Wrangler JK without making costly repairs.

Materials Needed

  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Flashpaq (optional)

There is not one way to maximize gas mileage. Each step presented here aims to highlight some things you can do to better improve the fuel economy on your JK.

Step 1 – Check the tire pressure

Before going above and beyond by installing a flashpaq or even buying new tires, make sure to check your tire pressure. If the pressure is too low, your mileage will take a large hit. The best rule of thumb is to refill the air pressure according to the PSI level indicated on the sticker in your door jamb or owner’s manual.

Step 2 – Maintain your vehicl

Keep up with all oil and filter changes. Remember: it’s about fuel, spark and air. So if your engine is lacking in anyone of these areas, then make sure to give it a complete tune up and replace necessary components.

Step 3 – Change your driving habits

This is the most crucial thing to do in order to increase the fuel economy on your JK. If you drive a manual transmission, it will be easier to keep the revs under 3k and thereby increase your overall fuel economy. However, those of you who drive automatics, pay attention to your speed. Those who stay at 65 miles per hour tend to have the best highway results. The official terms for this is hypermilling, which refers to the art of driving. Also, pay attention to hard stops and heavy acceleration, and coast when allowed.

Step 4 – Install a flashpaq

The last thing you can do is install a flashpaq. A flashpaq is a programmed computer that sets the vehicle to certain fuel delivery settings. The economy setting helps prevent the gas from running too rich. This is the most costly way to improve your overall gas mileage, but many people have documented immediate gain in fuel economy.

Figure 4. Install a flashpaq.

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