Cleaning your air filter regularly is important to maintain your Jeep’s performance. With heavy off-road use, your filter can get dirty really quickly, so follow the article below to keep your Jeep running great!By AJ Mawley – December 15, 2015

This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

Do you have an aftermarket cold air intake? One of the many benefits of your intake is that it’s washable. Just like any air filter, your air filter gets dirty over time with road grime, which inhibits the performance of your Jeep. Since your engine makes power via air flow, restricting air flow is extremely detrimental! Follow the guide below to restore any lost performance experienced with a dirty filter.

Materials Needed

  • Air filter cleaning kit
  • Water and a brush

Step 1 – Apply cleaning spray to filter

After removing the air filter from the vehicle, shake off any loose dirt on the filter. When nothing comes out when you shake it around and tap on it, liberally apply the cleaning spray included in any air filter cleaning kit.

Figure 1. Apply cleaning spray to filter.

Pro Tip

Make sure you spray both the inside and outside of the air filter with cleaning solution.

Step 2 – Agitate filter with brush

After applying the cleaning spray to the filter, use a small amount of water to wet the filter. Then, use a brush to go around the filter and loosen any dirt that might be on the filter. Do not forget the inside of the filter.

Figure 2. Agitate filter with brush.

Pro Tip

Do not use a harsh brush because you will risk damaging the filter.

Step 3 – Wash filter with water

Now, use water at a high pressure and thoroughly clean your air filter in an out. Some cleaning kits have a dyed cleaning solution. In this case, watch for the solution coming out of the filter to be clear. After washing the filter with water, you are almost done! Wait for the filter to dry for a few hours. Leaving the filter in the sun will expedite this process.

Figure 3. Washing filter.

Step 4 – Re-oil and install filter

Starting at the top of the filter, add the recommended amount of oil based on the kit that you purchase. It is better to use less oil instead of risking over oiling the filter. After letting the oil settle for a few minutes, the filter is ready to be installed!

Figure 4. Oiling filter.

Pro Tip

Over oiling your filter can cause your engine to run terribly, due to oil buildup on the MAF sensor wires.

Featured video: How to Clean and Oil Air Filter

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