So you have talked your significant other into taking the doors off of the Jeep. That part of the operation is not that difficult and you have already done the research on how to do it. But what about the mirrors? They have to stay with the Jeep because of safety and legal issues, as all states require you to have side mirrors.By August Barrett – November 20, 2015

This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

Finally got those mirror relocation brackets in the mail and the weekend is here. Time to get the doors off and move those mirrors. Need a little help in doing that? Well the doors might be easy enough to get off, but I bet you’re gonna need a little help moving those mirrors. That is what this article is about. So grab that cooler of cold ones, soda that is, and let’s get it on baby.

Materials Needed

  • Set of star drivers (also know as Torx wrenches)
  • Flat head screwdriver

Step 1 – Remove the doors (optional)

Of course the whole idea of removing the mirrors is centered around the removal of the doors. You can actually perform the mirror removal with the doors on or off. It just depends on what you might think is easier for you. If you take the doors off, you can perform the mirror removal in the comfort of your home. For this article, the doors have been removed. The door removal is another article however, and will not be covered here.

Figure 1. Door removed.

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Step 2 – Remove the mirror

Remove all of the screws attaching the mirror to the door. Pull on the power cord, creating a little slack. Just let the mirror hang from the cord for now.

Figure 2. Detach mirror.

Figure 3. Inside of the door.

Step 3 – Remove glass from mirror

Push the glass toward the heat symbol on the mirror. This will expose the two star screws that will now be removed. Push the mirror to the other side and remove that screw as well. The assembly should now be free of the casing. Remove the heating plugs. This will partially free it from the power cord. Using a flat head screwdriver, place in tabs and twist. Now, using that same screwdriver, disconnect the wire harness. This should free it up.

Figure 4. Mirror screws.

Figure 5. Mirror tabs.

Step 4 – Stash the power cord and reattach mirror

The power supply is held to the mirror by a zip tie. Just slide this down the cord and your mirror will be free from the cord. Now tuck the cable inside the door, and make sure the zip tie ring is secured around the relocation plug, so that the cable will not fall into the door. Replace the stem and motor unit inside the housing and screw it in place before replacing the glass. The glass will then snap back into place.

Figure 6. The zip tie.

Figure 7. Inside of the mirror.

Step 5 – Attach mirror to bracket and mount to body

Attach the mounting brackets to the mirror following the brackets instructions. Mount to body of your Jeep Wrangler following the instructions of your particular mounting brackets, as these will vary and cannot be covered in this article.

Figure 8. Mounted mirror.

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