Make sure all your lights are working in optimal order.By Piyush Kayastha – November 18, 2015

This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

Fog lights are premium components not always available on all models of vehicles. They are a very useful feature for drivers who take their cars through unfamiliar roads and in general for inclimate weather. They increase visibility on the road in front of you. But, like other bulbs on your vehicle’s lighting system, they require maintenance and replacement. A bulb can burn out and one should know how to replace them. There are many aftermarket bulbs as well as aftermarket fog light assemblies available. This tutorial will give you all the information you need to replace just the bulbs or the assembly itself. Read on for more information.

Materials Needed

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Step 1 – Remove grille

To access the connections and housing to the fog lights, the grille must be loosened and removed.

  • Use flat head screwdriver to push and remove plastic rivets on upper portion of the grille.
  • There are grille “clips” on both sides that you will need to pop out.
Figure 1. Remove upper grille rivets.

Figure 2. Pop the turn signal lights out.

Pro Tip

As you release the grille, you will find the turn signal bulbs hold them back. They can be disconnected at this time.

Step 2 – Remove lower bumper grille

To completely access the fog light for removal, the lower skid plate needs to be removed.

  • Unscrew two bolts from beneath the lower skid plate.
  • Remove the clips from behind skid plate.
  • Remove the skid plate as one unit.
Figure 3. Unscrew bumper skid plate.

Figure 4. Remove the skid plate.

Step 3 – Remove fog lights

Now that the fog lights are accessible, they can be removed for replacement.

  • Unscrew the fog lights.
  • Turn that bulb counterclockwise to remove the bulb.
  • Replace the bulb.

Figure 5. The back of the fog light housing.

Pro Tip

Be careful not to touch the glass portion of the new bulbs when replacing, as it will damage them.

Step 4 – Reinstall

Now it’s time to button everything back up.

  • Secure the new fog light bulbs.
  • Secure the skid plate with clips.
  • Secure the lower grille with necessary screws.
  • Secure the upper grille with pop rivets and clips.
  • Test the fog lights out to make sure the new bulbs are working.

Pro Tip

Don’t forget to plug your turn signals back in.

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