Swap those dull halogen fog lights out for something brighter.By Piyush Kayastha – November 25, 2015

This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

Vehicle manufacturers design their vehicles with many different components. A crucial component among all of them is the vehicle’s lighting system. This includes headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and often fog lights. Many “premium” models come equipped with the fog light options, while many of the “standard” model vehicles do not. Across the board, vehicles can always be upgraded to fog lights and even those with existing fog lights can benefit from some of the aftermarket kits available today. Jeeps are one of many types of vehicles that highly benefit from the use of fog lights because of their frequent use on off-roads or unfamiliar terrain with low visibility. Learn how to replace and/or install fog lights on your Jeep today!

Materials Needed

  • Flat tip screwdriver
  • Razor/box cutter
  • Splice tool
  • Butt connectors
  • Heat shrink
  • Electrical tape
  • 4 x washers, dish washers, lock washer, 1/4″ bolts and rubber washers/mounts.

Step 1 – Remove factory fog lights

Before you can install the new aftermarket fog lights, the old ones will need to be removed.

  • Disconnect the battery’s negative (black) terminal.
  • Disconnect the fog light harness from behind the fog light assembly on each side.
  • Remove four bolts per assembly and set each unit aside.

Figure 1. Fog light removed from assembly.

Pro Tip

On some newer model Wranglers, you may need to remove the grille that is affixed by four retention tabs. Don’t forget to disconnect the turn signal bulbs before removing the grille. Also, it might be necessary to remove the skid plate under the bumper, which also contains some Phillips head washer bolts.

Step 2 – Separate old lenses from OEM housing

Your existing fog lights are each individual units affixed to plastic housings. To retain factory fitment and avoid drilling into your bumper, you can separate each unit between lens and housing.

  • Using a flat tip screwdriver, pry around the edges of the plastic housing.
  • Remove old lenses and set aside.

Figure 2. Separate the light from the plastic housing.

Pro Tip

You can use a heat gun to heat up the plastic before prying to avoid cracking or snapping the housing.

Step 3 – Swap new lenses into old housing

Now that the old lenses are separated from the factory housing, the new lenses can be swapped in. Your kit will likely come with new mounting pieces, but they will not be needed.

  • Align the “top” mark on the fog light lenses to the housing, lining up the four bolt holes.
  • Install bolt, washer, plastic mounts, lock washer, dish washer, rubber mounts and affix to the new fog light lens.
Figure 3. Use all supplied hardware for good fitment.

Figure 4. Assembled fog light.

Pro Tip

The use of the extra washers and bolts is to accommodate the factory mounts to the new lenses.

Step 4 – Wire up new fog lights

Now that the aftermarket fog lights are mounted securely in the factory housings, it’s time to wire them up.

  • Splice the wiring from the new fog lights directly to the fog light harness.
  • Use butt connectors or heat shrink for a secure connection.
  • Wrap your splices in electrical tape to avoid corrosion.
  • Turn the lights on to test.

Figure 5. The final product.

Pro Tip

Wire colors for the new lights are white/black, as they are on the factory harness. Before covering your splices, you can test the fogs by turning them on. Many aftermarket kits come with plug and play harnesses for easy connecting.

Featured Video: VisionX Fog Light Install for Wrangler JK

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